After months of work the all new is out. We’ve added content and there’s still more to come.

The main feature at Boxerworks is the forum. It’s possibly the oldest internet forum dedicated to Airhead BMW motorcycles and then some.

The face of Boxerworks was designed & developed by Kelley Chambers at GrapeVine Design. In the coming months we’ll keep adding new content and the website will go through a few more changes before we can call it done so check back often & check out whats going on.



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  1. Administrator says:

    Hey … thanks for the kudos on the blog. But you didn’t give people a way to get in touch with me in case they have questions about Boxerworks design or maybe even questions about their own site. Could ya modify your post to add a link to GVD and maybe and email link with my name for folks? Thanks.

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