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I love motorcycles. I love custom motorcycles. I can’t say I ever loved any Sportster…. Until now!
Check out these Dual Sportsters courtesy of The Kneeslider motorcycle blog.

Until right now I never thought I’d want one either. I don’t hate Sportsters, they just don’t fit what I want or need in a motorcycle, & don’t get me wrong. Sportsters are good motorcycles, they just aren’t my flavor.

Sportster started out on a good foot. From 1957 till 1984 the Sportster was the fastest model motorcycle Harley-Davidson made. then the EVO motor came out & for some reason Sportsters got stuck with a reputation of being a starter bike, a girls bike…or worse. Leave it up to a bunch of Harley guys to single out riders in their own tribe.

Over the years Harley hasn’t been true to Sportsters. When the Sportster came out it had a formula unique to the XL moniker. standard pegs, peanut tank, normal handlebars, 18 inch rear wheel 19 inch front wheel, don’t forget the Sportster Airbox. In recent years The Motor Co. has tried very hard to disguise the sportster as a little big-twin. Basically they stole it out of the “standard” or “sport” category & turned them into just another cruiser. They did this to sell units but in doing so robbed the Sportsters of its true purpose, to be a SPORT…ster.

Well? dual-sport bikes are now gaining much popularity in America…finally, and a few serious enthusiast are turning Sportsters into something not only cool looking but useful too. Call them Dual-Sportsters…I love it.

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