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Check out the new Enfield Fury from Royal Enfield. I ripped this article from, a UK publisher who puts out, in my opinion, real motorcycle magazines. They get everything before we see it in the US.

Though I’ve never ridden a new Enfield I am a big fan. I compare them to a company like Ural, small companies, not competitive, but totally cool! Cool how? they sell plain, some might call them utilitarian machines that fill a niche. Companies like Ural & Royal Enfield will never become common in the United States, in they’re home countries maybe. They will always be odd. Its people who don’t want or need bigger, faster, modern machines but want fun, simple, unique machines, full of personality that are easy to maintain yourself and are easy and fun to customize.  These throwbacks to decades past though updated & upgraded in several ways still ooze vintage cool without all the hassles of being…well? Vintage.

see you on the road

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