Here is one Ive never seen before. This pic was taken in 1938 according to my sources. Pay attention to the drive train assembly…click the pic for a larger image.

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3 Responses to “BMW R12 Military Prototype”

  1. RigadoonAmy says:

    I’ve been thinking about that drive track. It seems it would be a bit toooo cozy with it so close to the seat area. I suppose with it closed in it would be ok. But how would it not build up with snow and ice. Maybe heat builds up and keeps some of it cleared away? Still thinking also on how one would sit on it to have control over the foot controls. Can’t get a larger view on it to tell much ~ maybe it’s not working……..or at least not for me.

  2. RigadoonAmy says:

    After I posted this photo on the Airhead site I considered selling the car for a set~up like this. With it closed in like that I suppose it wouldn’t be too bad inside. Close quarters but cozy! :o)

  3. VStarLady says:

    From the midst of yet another Canadian blizzard this bike is looking pretty good…forget the drive train did you see those trax? Do you think it had a heated seat and grips?

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