Speeding tickets are often written in the name of safety.

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In some cases that may be true. For instance, speed limit enforcement in a busy residential area, a school zone, in urban centers, high crash area’s are all good instances of sensible law enforcement.
Sadly law enforcement agencies don’t always subscribe to sensible law enforcement…they do it for profit. Safety is simply not a factor in much of your interstate and rural speed enforcement here in America. Sometimes cops will go so far as to break the law in the name of writing speeding tickets and collecting revenue.

I drove to Alabama & back yesterday & observed some heavy handed speed enforcement. I passed at least 6 county cops in GA writing tickets on a busy stretch of Interstate 20. Its in a spot just over a rise where they can lie in wait and surprise drivers. Needless to say it startled many drivers who crest a hill, see blue lights everywhere & suddenly slow down causing traffic behind them to react…sometimes over react. They could have been spread out in obvious places in an effort to slow down after Thanksgiving traffic and be available to assist motorists in need but instead they just want to write speeding tickets & take peoples hard earned money & throw safety out the window. I saw the same thing in AL with an un-marked suburban running radar stopped on an over pass bridge with about 5 or 6 Troopers waiting on the on-ramp. Were these cops in an urban center? a dangerous stretch of highway? a work zone with workers present? NO…they were out in the boonies just inside the state line collecting revenue.

Ever heard the term “where is a cop when you need one?” well if you needed one yesterday they were out on the highway fleecing motorists instead of covering more of the state & being ready to thwart crime or react to an emergency. I have to wonder why anyone puts up with this crap. When I see cops out on a speeding ticket writing frenzy I wonder why instead they aren’t out working on unsolved murders, rapes, robberies etc. You get the point.

The system is completely screwed. Things have gotten so bad that there are networks out there trying to thwart speed traps. Check out Trapster.com sometime. & if you do get a speeding ticket fight it. Don’t pay it through the mail. Thats what they want. So do the insurance companies. Get a ticket & the cops report you to the insurance companies & they get to jack up your rates.

All in the name of safety.

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