Jarrad Cole died August 4th 2007.

As of the 2nd of January “Jarrad’s Law” takes effect in California; new riders under 21 have to under go 15 hours of compulsory on-bike training before they can get a motorcycle permit. Oregon, taking things one step further,  as of the 1st has begun compulsory training for anyone under 31, then add 10 yrs every year till 2015 & it will be required for new riders of all age’s in OR.

I just finished reading about …Jarrad’s Law on Hell Bent For Leather.

Jarrad’s Law sounds like a good idea but it leaves me wondering. Wondering who thinks up new laws & why single out kid’s when in this case it is a motorcycle rider problem, not a kid problem. At least Oregon has decided it’s something more than an age issue.

In America where there are still a few states that don’t require helmet use considering mandatory motorcycle training may seem a little …..far out. I was writing one of those rant’s about what’s wrong with the motorcycle scene in America when I came across the news about Jarrad’s Law. Now don’t get me wrong, Jarrad’s Law is an example of what you can do to change things when you think somethings wrong.  I just wish someone was using their brain instead of their heart when they created Jarrad’s Law. Jarrad Cole didn’t die because he was under 21, he accidentally killed himself with a motorcycle. I say “accidentally” because in this case it was an accident, he didn’t know how to ride a motorcycle. So why did California single out people under 21? Why didn’t Jarrod’s Law cover ALL new riders? Why don’t they make motorcycle training a requirement for all new riders just like in most other countries around the world?

There are many well meaning but misguided people in the world. For example, did you hear about the massive toy recalls in America? The “new” law banning lead from being in kids toys? Small off-road motorcycles & ORV’s are now a victim of a well meaning but absurdly misguided law intending to protect children from ingesting lead. Jarrad’s Law is another example of a good idea gone wrong.

For now Jarrod’s Law is getting headlines & a few people are busy slapping each other on the back thinking they’ve fixed the world with a “new” law. I’m going to continue worrying about what the future holds regarding motorcycles in America.

see you on the road.

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One Response to “Jarrad’s Law, Motorcycle Martyr?”

  1. Manfred says:

    All this kind of stuff is merely the efforts of power hungry do-gooders trying to take control of people for their (the poor people) good. It’s a myth that many eagerly accept, becoming dependent upon the state, a burden for all who work in the private sector.

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